The best way to start, they say, is to start. This is not though, devoid of it’s attendant hurdles. Recall that I announced earlier this year, the success of #IgedeVoice Season one? A lot have happened to cripple the dream on arrival, but God says No, having been fully involved. It is such a saga I won’t dare to narrate for want of space. Generally, several contestants registered and three made it to the final stage. However, two contestants were disqualified for not meeting up with the requirements, making one of them outstanding and eventually our overall winner. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you on this platform, Tsilky, the winner of Igede Voice Season One!???

Igede Voice is an innovation aimed at appreciating entertainers of Igede origin, birthed by Agba Classic Media. The first edition won’t have seen the light of the day without the support of our great and patriotic sponsors. Comrade Obam; the president of Obam Thomas Foundation, Comrade Ikong Cyril; the president of Ikong Cyril Foundation and Comrade Ogbu Dennis; the president of Den-Omins Enterprises, all contributed immensely to the actuality of the show.

In the same vein, our judges made a humongous contribution to ascertain transparency, fairness and balance selection of the artiste that deserves the throne. The patriotic fellows are: Chief Andyson Iji Egbodo who served as a music adviser, RT Comrade Adekpee Matriches, also a music adviser, Mr Jaidy Pro Ijale; renowned music producer, Mrs Mather Ede; music coach, Comrade Awo Jairus an OAP with Choice FM, Mr Solace Ikoni; music producer and Bobby Strings; an ace producer based in Benue State. They fetched from their deep well of knowledge to choose who to appreciate in this first edition.

It will be a grave injustice not to acknowledge Agba Classic Media crew members, who in one way or the other contributed remarkably. Special thanks to Wisechild, Ojack Cares, Shefelow Nokaze, Tee Brown, Queen Juliet and of course, Miss Becca. OAP JohnGreat who co-anchor the event and Jaidy Pro who traveled down for the event, Maxzy BX, Bobby Strings and Excel who made sure the event happened are all worthy of appreciation. The list is actually very long.

You can now download the Igede Voice Song of the year and meet the talented winner of this year’s edition, Tsilky Akpanga. Watch out for the next edition which is planned to be more juicy. This way, we shall celebrate ourselves and put Igede on the world map. Please support us as we can’t do it all alone. Together, we shall grow. Shalom!

Mr Yukay Befelow.
Agba Classic Media


  1. Befelow you have tried so much for Igede nation. If few more have followed your steps, that industry would have been so great now. Nevertheless, don’t give up. Help is on the way.
    Keep it up.

  2. Mr ukay,the love I have for you is only God that know it…
    Thanks for been there for igede and I pray that ur dreams towards our Land will come through…
    Never give up sir
    More strength to ur elbow…
    Igede ihioo


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