This guy is known for dishing inspirational and classic vibes. Tsilky is back with another irresistible tune he teams up with MC Bolaji Coker and Ogah Neeks to cook and it’s dubbed; “Ela Owowo Ka”. With the success of his inspirational vibe “Hustle” still the talk of the town, he’s here to top it with another everlasting song.

“Ela Owowo Ka” means stubbornness in English. The song’s lyrics which is purely Igede preaches against young adults who are disobedient to their parents and the impending repercussions of their actions. The song in essence advises young people to be listeners of their parents and guidance as that has positive impacts in their lives. How did he manages to pass such strong message to the Soro Soke generation? Find out by downloading it below ?



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