A-Classic Bio brings to you the full autobiography of Rev Joseph Erebe and his beautiful endowed wife Mrs Alice Erebe. The gospel duo are the most celebrated gospel duo in North-central Benue State, Igede precisely. This account includes contact information and every necessary details their fans all over the world wish to know about them.

Early Life and Childhood
I was born on June 3rd, 1972 to the family of Mr & Mrs Erebe Oko of Ukpute Itogo in Obi LGA in Benue state, Nigeria. I grew up with my parents at Otukpo Benue State, where I stayed until 1993, before I decided to relocate to Igede land to serve God’s purpose for my life. My wife also was born to the family of Mr & Mrs Ogor Eje of Okpodom EGA Ibilla Oju LGA Benue State on 14th June, 1979. She too grew up, became so devoted and beautiful in Igede land where we finally met. The month of June is therefore, remarkable and very significant in the history of our lives.

Educational Background
I did my primary education at st Mary’s Primary School Otukpo and graduated in 1986. I also did my Secondary School education at St Francis College Otukpo and graduated in 1992. In 1993, while I was waiting for an admission into the university, I decided to go for auxiliary nursing training which took me all through 1993 to 1996(I was certified with auxiliary nursing certificate). By late 1996, the urge to go for full time ministry under Assemblies of God Church became serious that I had to suspend the plan to go to the university. I finally responded to the call and did my diploma in Bible & Theology between 1997 and 1999. I graduated as a full time minister under the aforementioned church. In 2011, I graduated from AG Seminary, Anyika in Cross River State as a degree holder in Christian Education. As part of fulfilment to my choice of life, I did a course in health in Benpaulian College of Health Sciences and Technology between year 2013 and 2016 and I obtained diploma in community health. As at this moment of writing this autobiography, I am doing my Master’s Degree Programme and hope to graduate soon. My wife did her primary school education at LGEA Ichakobe Ibilla and graduated in 1993. After which she proceeded to Igede community Secondary School Okileme for her Secondary Education. She graduated in 1999 successfully. Between the year 2003 & 2006 she had her NCE Certificate in primary Edu./ CRS at College of Education, Oju Benue State. More so between year 2011 & 2017 she graduated from Benue State University, having BA in primary Education/Social Studies. She is also currently doing her master decree program and hope to graduate soon.
Marital Status
We got married on 5th of February, 2000. We have since then been swimming in the pool of love as the passion we have for each other cannot be overemphasized. I love her so much and our marriage has been blessed spiritually, financially and above all, with four God fearing wonderful children.

Our Ministry
We are both ministers, pastoring an Assemblies of God’s Church in Igede, Benue State. We are also full time Gospel Singers . We have so far produced five(5) different gospel albums which are:-
✓They great God,
✓My resting place,
✓Testimonial Praise,
✓Miracle Praise, and
✓Shout of Victory.

They are both on audio and video CDs and are sold and distributed nation wide. We also have Live Band and use to honour invitation to cover different programs nation wide. We are both ready to honour your invitation either to preach or sing or both.

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