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By Comr Onwu Samson

Today the name of IGEDE SINGLES WORLDWIDE has been registered in the history book of Oju Local government and the entire Igede nation for the bold step taken through the anchorage of the immediate past Chairman of Igede Singles Worldwide, Comr Cletus Adole Aruta and the heroine of the situation, Maryjane U Achala with the full backing of the National Working Committee (NWC) of the Igede Singles Worldwide led by Odoh Matthew.

It was on the 10th of July 2019 that a video of a helpless young Igede girl that was thrown out of her mistress’ house was circulated in the social media calling for identification and reclamation. Igede Singles Worldwide on getting to know about the situation immediately swung into action in a bid to rescuing the poor girl. A member of the group in Warri, Marryjane U. Achala was immediately contacted and she accepted to wade into the issue.
The girl was later identified to be Grace Ogbu from Oju-Nmole in Gwer-East . Grace who is only 15years has disclosed to us that she was taken away from her village earlier this year by a relative with the promise to train her up in school. Though her father was reluctant over the issue, he later gave in for the sake of ‘education’ . The relative took her in a night journey to Ilorin, Kwara state where she spent few days before she was moved to Warri to live with an obese woman who was suffering from arthritis. Grace was forced to nurture the woman even in the very bad health situation. The little girl of just 15years undertook the house chores as well as the physical tending of the woman such as bathing and excreting.
The woman who boasted that she acquired Grace at the sum of fifty thousand Naira allegedly attempted to use Grace for rituals when she demanded that Grace should avail her her (Grace’s ) urine. Being uncertain, Grace refused to provide the urine as required. Few days later, Grace was thrown out of the house to wander in an uncompleted building from the 3rd of July till 10th of July before she was discovered by the neighbors and was brought to the police station; B-Division, Warri, Delta state.

L-R Comr. Onwu Samson, Hon. Eru, Grace, MaryJane Achala and Hon. Sunday Otumala. Up

On the 12th of July, the representative of Igede Singles Worldwide, Maryjane, U Achala was at the police station to reclaim the girl. It was recommended that she go along with some other persons and some members of the Igede sociocultural organization in Warri (IDA) were involved before her eventual release and they finally touched down in Oju in the early hours of Sunday, July 28. They were received my the Vice Chairman of Igede Singles Worldwide, Onwu Samson Onwu and the Home branch coordinator, Adokwa Mark at Obachita-Ukpa.
Receiving the delegation of Igede Singles Worldwide today at the premises of Agba Community Radio, Choice-fm 93.3, the General Manager, Chief Ogbu Ego Egoman was pensive but however happy that Igede Singles Worldwide was able to make such a bold step for the sake of humanity. Chief Egoman decried the alarming rate of child trafficking and abuse in Igede nation today. After pointing out the numerous atrocities of the menaced business, Chief Egoman wondered why community development unions had not been of notable help in the situation. The delegation and the victim were interviewed thoroughly by Omirigbe Genesis and the management of the radio station has also agreed to partner with Igede Singles Worldwide on the remaining length of the issue.

Choice FM Team: The manager, Grace, MaryJane Achala, Genesis and Comr. Samson.

The team was also received by the Chairperson of Oju Local Government Council, Hon Alicia Eru and the chief scribe of the Local Government Council, Evangelist Otumala Ogor Sunday at the Secretariat at about 3pm. The council expressed displeasure over the issue and immediately accepted to wade into the matter. Hon (Mrs ) Alicia Eru who personally made frantic efforts to get information that would lead to the apprehension of the culprits in the act has resolved that the council was going to do everything possible to ensure that NAPTIP and other relevant agencies are brought in to see to it that justice is served in the case and for the case to serve as deterrent to other persons involved in the heinous business of trafficking in persons. Adirahu Ny’ Igede was not in the palace when we called at the palace.
The combined delegation of Igede Singles Worldwide, Local Government Council and Choice FM will head for Oju-Nmole tomorrow to meet with the parents of Grace. Meanwhile, Maryjane had personally undertaken the rehabilitation of the girl and hardly would you believe that Grace has been through such a rough experience.

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