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The Ominy’Igede National executive Council set up the Igede Agba 2019 Celebration Committee (Diaspora) which was empowered to coordinate the activities of Igede in Diaspora towards a successful Igede Agba 2019 Celebration. We therefore present to you
Igede language speaking competition as a way of encouraging and promoting the speaking of Igede language by Igede sons and daughters as a way of ensuring that the language, culture and tradition of the Igede people is not extinct. It is good to speak English, it is better to speak English and understand the language, it is best to speak English and Igede and understand both.
We are Igede, who live together in Love, unity, Justice, and truth and as long as one is Igede, One must love Igede language and speak his mother tongue.

Igede Council of elders… Omi Ny’Igede…

OUTLINE of the Igede Language Speaking Competition 2019.
The 14 President General of the clans (Ada, Ocheche, Ukpa, Oye, Oboru, Owo, Ibilla, Ainu, Ito, Uwokwu, Idelle, Igabu, Itakpa, Oju) are to hold the competition in their own areas and pick first, second and third positions that will represent them. Result of the clan competition must get to the Committee by 15th of August, 2019 before 4p.m.
The three representatives of the clans will partake in a semi-final that will come up on Saturday, 30th August, 2019. The best 14 contestants not minding their clan will slug it out in the final during the Igede Day Celebration at a date to be announced.
Meanwhile, the clan President Generals are allowed to give a token as prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in their respective clans.
The final of the Igede language speaking competition will hold on Saturday 7/9/2019 during the National Igede Agba Celebration at Oju township Stadium Oju LGA. Prizes will be given to the contestants as follows:
1st Prize: A Brand New Motorcycle.
2nd Prize: A Laptop.
3rd Prize: A 24 Inches Plasma TV.
There shall be consolation prizes for all finalists.

Igede Language Competition 2019

The winner of the contest becomes the Igede Language personality of the year. He or she will be joined by the first and second runners up to anchor a programme in Igede Language to be aired once a week on Agba Community Radio. The programme will be an avenue to further promote the language, culture and tradition of Igede people vis-a-vis food, music, mode of dressing, traditional marriage, New Yam festival, etc.
The Igede Diaspora Committee seizes this opportunity to call on Igede sons and daughters in diaspora to rally round the Committee and support this noble venture.
Your comments are welcome for the success of this Competition. It is proposed that this contest would be an annual event in Igede land. 

Further information contact: Patrick Akobo Ulaka (DMA)


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