By Benson Obega

Literally, life is a historical film hall where spectators reserve their recording signals for generation yet unborn to diagnose and treat where necessary. Integrity test is, however, the constant variable against the coefficients of corrupt minds, as many judges, refined or crude have liberty to peruse the undying ideology of an actor(s).
Yes, any progressive-minded actor like I or James Ibechi, may rightly be seen to be weak if being deterred by an unhealthy and unproductive missile of some interested groups who believe that the societal wounds can be healed with magical parameters.
Anyway, such fundamental societal challenges are not new inventions as several iconic heroes like Dele Giwa, Gani Fawehnmi of blessed memory and a host of others; living or dead had dropped their judgment before retiring home. It is of course, not a miracle to face myriad of such time obstructions from irrelevant vessels that are helped by the cyberspace, which offers undo freedom to many.
Considering Oju/Obi electoral debacle, several questions that constantly ring in the ears of morally minded people are that, are the societal contemporary actors both seen and unseen laying a good precedent? Why betraying the facts? Why do people leave their professionalism to play unhealthy game against the freedom of their people and posterity?
If we are productive, is it only political support to an untraced wealth emancipator can make us fulfill? Does this apparent good looking project place before the people’s gate as a bait worth sacrifice our freedom, identity and fame to dangerous sponsors eyeing our single exotic political slot?
Hmmm! Is the exponential decay of interest on the incumbent good enough to set the Igede ‘farm yard ‘ a blaze? Regardless of the sweet taste of banana in monkey’s eyes, the cloud is obviously tense with sense of criminality and immodesty that only the rational magical pen can foretold the war as priest had long ago resolved to compromise.
How could we suddenly murder facts surrounding the opened ended event of an election where two major candidates of equal generic source have a case to resolve with the truth?
It is unbelievable to constantly hear Barrister Johua Alobo and his camp jubilating over an inconclusive judgment that ordinarily offered a slimmer chance to APGA candidate to win at the tribunal. What an unhealthy social inheritance some clergy and professionals are investing for younger generation? Can the judge be so bias to the point of disenfranchising Obi local government, an integral part from the constituency? And if the rerun is upheld according to INEC stands before the side obstruction, does APGA man have hope of maintaining the lead votes?
It is unfashionable to still hear APGA supporters claiming Igede has decided against Okwu. Is this a news? Even from Oju, over seven thousands votes which Okwu has, were they manufactured from the moon?
Now if the electoral law is weak, defending unconstitutionality of duress art, does that cripple the tribunal on delivering justice? Okay, it is clearer APGA can lay hand on this golden pepper but where is the legal priest to carry out the initiation ceremony into the legislative chamber before tribunal decides?
It is natural, truth does not move on fast lane but its efficacy is unweaving. Let us therefore, be patient to celebrate the rightful winner even the society has fundamentally lost the bearing in enthroning the credible and modern oriented character due to greed.
James Ibechi moves in the directions of forces controlled by facts not interest.
*Obega Benson wrote in from Makurdi.


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