By Comrade (Engr.) Ben Obega

What a paradox of life? Or the well described as the Nostradamus of our time, James Ibechi and others born philosophers might tagged it as an oxymoron- an apparent contradiction in terms but when you analyse it , it gives you a definite meaning.
There is absolutely nothing to worry about on who takes the crown and popularity side by side. All are dynamic factors leaving the constant variable to smile on the sky with the question of whether or not , we are closer to freedom, fame and resistive foundation to beclouded social vices….
As I was relieved by the ‘ fresh air ‘ of life strougling , an illuminating globe of freedom from mental poverty, reading through 10- Laws of Leadership, leading to success in a changing world as written by Bill Newman.Ph.D, it magically offers me a better sense of direction to re-define the glamour of the accorded crown and the street popularity being x- rayed from the street sense mechanism.
Of course, the crown is an undeniable function of authority to participate , decide in the sharing or authoritative allocation of human values. It is indeed, seasonal. As Omini science God fundamentally limited an aura of such glory to a mortal being….
To the Divine favorite of our contemporary political season, Rt. Hon. Chief Samson Aja Okwu, be reminded sir, a leader is a symbol of people’s might but sovereignty belongs to the people that enthroned a leader. I am optimistic, your well deserved crown will attract indescribable favour of God to Igede Nation.
I could probably be counted to fall in a circle where I indicated my taste of interest in a category of those that gained street popularity. Of course, mine is of sound mind that betrayed lack of contentment reaping from my humble background as a great legacy to mankind from my father…..” No one parachute himself to represent his people”. If our interest is crystal cleared towards peoples’ elevation, at the ripe time, such agitator(s) would be crowned.
Meanwhile, no moral crime could be more destructive than undermining the popularity constructed by most of us ,the seasonal actors. If not necessarily now, it senses the modulated signals to the camps of tyranny that power can be seized due to perceived recklessness, ignorance or by natural forces.
On account of this, as helpless as I am, I will not be crucify to congratulate the Rt. Hon. Chief Samson Aja Okwu for the crown as a lawful and rightful beneficiary of oju/ Obi Federal constituency seat in 9th Assembly. The history will not be so kind to whoever swallow the pebble of praises towards my brother, Evangelist of most High, the crusheder of poverty eradication, Evangelist David A. Ogewu , Rt. Hon. Nick Eworo and some of us, who at the appointed time sends a signal of change possibility to monopolistic political market
To good people of IgedeNation, is of cautionary appeal . No amount of social unrest and acrimony can heal the deformed land. No! Only the sense of love and unity, I sue for. Oh! Ideas , they said rules the world. This piece, like its predecessors, I pray, let it not be ‘ Na only the book Ben Obega shabi write ooo’. IGEDE MUST BE GREAT!


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