By Onwu Samson

As the political temperature begins to increase in warmth ahead of the forthcoming local government polls in Benue State, a leading contender for the coveted seat of Oju Local Government Chairman, Bro Isaac Edo Onwu has set the ball rolling as he receives the blessings of his immediate community, Oye-Igede to stand in for them. Bro Isaac Onwu, a versatile educationists, meticulous administrator, religious pundit and political enigma was Friday, August the 9th presented by Oye-Adunugbo, his immediate subclan to the entire Oye community as the sole candidate for the race.

Elders present

In a historic event held at the LGEA Primary School, Oye – Igede, elders and youths of Oye clan defiled the rain to converge for a common course towards putting an end to an age of marginalization and political negligence of Oye as a clan. It will be recalled that the good people of Oju Local government area had resolved for the sake of equity and fairness to relinquish the chairmanship slot to Oboru/Oye council ward in line with an age-long zoning arrangement. Subsequent upon that, it is imperative to admit that Oye clan of the duo that form Oboru/Oye council ward is most favoured to clinch the chairmanship position this time since the community is yet to produce any elective position aside councillorship positions in the past despite the fact that their Oboru counterpart have produced a two-term House of Assembly member, a commissioner, Local government caretaker committee chairmen, advisers, councilors, supervisory councilors and other political positions to the detriment of their Oye counterparts. Oye is also the only clan in Oju local government and Igede nation by extension that is yet to produce any elective office holder to represent the people since the creation of Oju local government in 1976.

Hon. Isaac Onwu being hailed at the event

Speaking on behalf of Oye-Adunugbo sub-clan, Mr James Ogah informed Oye community that their unanimous decision to adopt and present Bro Isaac Onwu as the sole contender was taken after due assessment and consultation among the elders and opinion leaders of the community, adding that Bro Isaac Onwu was a worthy son who is eminently qualified to represent the people at any level. Speaking after a rousing acceptance, Mr Ogbor “Idikwu”, Mrs Roseline Adikpe; Mr James Achor and Mr Ogor Ogah who spoke for the elders, women and youths respectively lauded Oye-Adunugbo for presenting Bro Isaac Onwu to them. The people decried the level of marginalization and intimidation that they had suffered in the years past in the hands of their political brothers because they were majority. The various speakers expressed joy in the choice of Bro Isaac Onwu for his track records in community development and administrative wherewithal. They also expressed confidence in his capacity and foresight as well as his wealth of experience in his past services rendered to Igede nation at different levels as indication of his uncommon performance. The people appreciated all well-meaning individuals who have acknowledged the long age of marginalization and negligence of the Oye community and have resolved to mediate for Oye community this time around. The gathering also admonished all political gladiators against politics of calumny and sabotage which had been prevalent in the past.

In his speech, Bro Isaac Onwu acknowledged the elders, women, youths and children and informed them that his decision to contest for the chairmanship position was a clarion call made on him by his people as well as other concerned Igede stakeholders who had seen the plight of Oye community. He encouraged the people that with unity, all the resources needed for the journey will be made available. He also promised to change the narrative of governance in Oju Local Government Area when elected to set a new standard and to also convince the people that the decision to work for an Oye person this time around is not a mistake. He enjoined all political players to play by the rules and to shun the habit of image savagery, betrayal and backbiting. He also dissuaded all followers from the habit of branding possible opponents in bad light and lies assuring them that he would not hesitate to expose anybody who comes to him with unfounded information.

The event witnessed a large turnout of people from the various villages of Oye community namely; Okete, Achawu, Adum, Ohimenyi, Odamagbudu, Oripwa/Ibini as well as Upwo/Ijegwu


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