Okwurumi refers to the practice of domestically trafficking of Igede boys and girls in a rural-urban migration for unskilled labour in beer parlours, domestic servitude, HouseHelp, Manny of old people, working in food and cash crop farming, prostitution, International trafficking or work in cleaning services, through contracts entered between their parents or guidance and Traffickers or their intermediaries, which is often exploitative and abusive and which wages are paid to their parents or guidance, or intermediaries at expenses of the victims.
Age, 10-25, 25-35- 35 and above. Gender:  Male or Female.

Level of education: Primary School, Secondary School, tertiary institution, Graduate, postgraduate.
Tribe: Igede, Other tribes
Nationality, Nigerian, Non- Nigerian
State of Residence (Fill)
Have you heard of Okwurumi? Yes/No/Not sure
Do you know what Okwurumi means? Yes/No/Not Sure
Have you seen or heard of Igede Boys or girls taken to urban or rural areas for jobs in a farms, house help, street trading, beer parlours, brotels , child marriage, or agro factories or non- crop farms?
Have you seen or heard of any Igede girl or boy who is held in any of the above jobs against his or her wishes?
Have you heard or seen any Igede girl or boy who is abused, maltreated, beaten, raped or injured in her place of work?
Have you seen or heard of any Igede girl or boy who is less than 18years who works in any of such places?
What state (s), have you seen or heard that such Igede girls and boys are working?
Have you been a victim of Okwurumi?
Do you have any family member who works in Okwurumi?
Have you heard of Ogedegede Community Development Foundation and what it is doing to save such Igede children?


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