In response to the ongoing pathetic incident that have taken lives and left many Nigerians injured in South Africa, the country’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Naledi Pendor has called on the former to come fetch her hoodlums in her country. Following the xenophobic attacks in South Africa, Pandor, has called on the Nigerian government to help her country keep off Nigerians who are into drug pushing, human trafficking and other social vices.

The demand was made via a TV interview with South African TV station, eNCA on the later hours of Thursday 5th 2019.
Pendor believes that, South Africa needed the assistance Nigerian government to discontinue crimes in their country, claiming that South Africans believed that they (Nigerians) were into drug pushing, trafficking and other vices that hurt their nation very much.
Naledi says and we quote:

“Help us address the belief and the reality that our people have that there are many persons from Nigeria, who are dealing in drugs in our country, who are harming our young people by making drugs easily available to them. The belief that Nigerian nationals are involved in human trafficking and other abusive practices. This kind of assistance in ensuring that such people don’t come to our country would be of great assistance to our nation.”

In case you’re not updated, there has been a serious tension between Nigeria and the country which has most of the most successful companies in the country, South Africa. Nigerians became the target of xenophobic attacks in their country since last week after a taxi driver was allegedly murdered in coldblood by a drug dealer suspected to be Nigerian in Pretoria, South Africa.

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