The voices of the children and teenagers going through excruciating torture, molestation and trafficking in the wilderness is amplifying – hence the need for them to be rescued as fast as possible. Mr Yukay is an award winning singer and presenter whose passion is not just to entertain but to be the voice of the people. The Made in Igede crooner currently serving in Ogun State made saving the child a priority and calls well-meaning Nigerians to support him in doing that.

“The Child” tells the story of children being trafficked to the urban areas with the promises of greener pastures but are later turned to slaves. This piece is a message from the most high God, telling all the people involves in this evil act to stop immediately or face the full repercussions. The reggae song has a solid content, melodies and beautiful low tempo beat.

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  1. Wow I love this more wisdom, more strength, more reason, more power to our beloved brother who wrote this song God bless you

  2. I have been a long standing lover of your music and I must say you have done me, and most Igede people proud. Knowing your track record, no one can do it better than you. And so, I have absolute confidence in you my brother.

  3. Dope, another message here again
    Oh God send those cheerful givers to contribute so we can promote this message to the limelight, this is the mess the country is undergoing right now, bro God will not let this message remain unheard by music lovers, let’s keep sharing throughout this week

    I love ya work bro

  4. Just listened to the song now. Thanks for te life transforming message passed. May the Lord keep strengthening you & May He cause kings to come brightness of your rising.

  5. Nice song and this song is speaking directly on what is happening in our land education is very poor everyone is searching for money forgetting that education is the best way to make money and the way of life everyone should learn to live the life that will be meaningful so that igede land will become green again

  6. Like, i really fall in love with this song…. This isn’t just a song but it’s a message to the world most especially to Igede nation as whole but Circumstances of an imperious nature, which it is unnecessary to related wouldn’t let them adhere to the song lyrics and to understand the chronicle behind the song rather they preferably ding the truth and embrace the #childtrafficking for their own interest but they forget a better tomorrow coz of their quantum of ignorance. Say No To #Childtrafficking.


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