Award winning presenter, Mr Mike Okwoche of the leading TV in Africa; Television Continental has approved Agba TV saying it’s a nice an a welcome development. In a chat with one of the board of directors; Mr Yukay, Mr Mike expressed his profound gratitude to young innovative minds that have come together to establish this timely project. He also helped with coaching ideas that will better the humongous project by giving the board great ideas that can foster the speedy growth of Agba TV.

In case you are not aware of the current development in Igede, Agba TV is an online TV which will in no mean time have it’s own channel and will be launched online on 12th January, 2020. Public presentation of what the TV is all about will be done at Agba Guest House, Iyanna Ipaja, Lagos by 4:00 PM promt. Some of the board of directors that are in Lagos will be live at Agba Guest House to elucidate what the project is all about. If You are in any way mussed about the online TV being mentioned by the conveners, please be present at the aforementioned venue for better understanding.

Mr Yukay, a renowned award winning artiste cum presenter who is one of the board of directors have shed more light on what the new development is all about. Quoting his words, he says:

A group of people without the knowledge of their past – most importantly their origin and culture – is like a tree without a root which collapses at the slightest wind. Such a people may also have no agenda for the preservation of their cultural heritage which would sooner or later be mere history.

It is in the light of the above that the idea which translated to Agba TV was birthed.

Known better as Befelow Uk, I am Ukenya Daniel. I am a member of the Board of Directors of the TV, a subsidiary of Agba Classic Media (‘Limited’ in view).

What is Agbatv?
A brief introduction may answer this question. Firstly, in a fast growing minority tribe like Igede, whose culture and tradition is held in high esteem by neighbours and distant admirers, it is necessary to attract investors and tourists alike by means of visual projection and as well champion a campaign for the elimination of aspects of the culture which are inimical to their progress as a people.

Agba TV, therefore, is a project whose vision is to project the Igede cultural heritage as already captured in the slogan. It aims to place the Igede people and their culture on the world map and ensure their voice is heard and heeded. Do keep your fingers crossed as the mega project hits your screen.

Agba TV: _Projecting the Igede Culture!”

We call on other well-meaning Igede people to support this timely project as the nation is seriously in need of innovative development such as this.

Igede ihyooo!!!

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  1. Wao! You are lifted my bro.
    Your hands are blessed, your legs are blessed, your is blessed, every thing is blessed and you’re a blessing to the land of igede nation
    You and we will never tired, upward and forward is the only what I see.


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