Ehichoyha Peter Ekata popularly known as Peter Billion was born into the family of Mr Ehichoyha in Uromi Edo State. The 23 years old entrepreneur attended Usolo Primary and New Light Grammar School in Edo State respectively. He was not born with a silver spoon but just a normal street boy with a great passion for music business. According to him, he has been dreaming of becoming one of the best and the youngest CEO of a label in Africa right from his teenage.

Pbillion Records
Official label logo.

Ehichoyha Peter Ekata has always shown keen interest in music from his young age. His love for music has seen him set up a music company that is set to take over the music scene in Nigeria and World at large soonest. Peter is a debonair gentlemen, an astute businessman, a diligent entrepreneur and an investor.

Are you an artiste or you know any artiste looking for a label? Y’all can follow him on social media via personal handles, to enable you know more about him and when to sign artists
Instagram: @pbillionrecordz
Facebook: @ehiz peter billion



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