By Comr. Andrew Anderson
I woke up this morning to meet doltish post of James ibechi who is only bend on misleading and feed public with unrealistic news on God servant Evanglist DAVID OGEWU. Well am not surprise this has being his calling.
Ogbu Hardy Owulo in his ignorance will just copy whatever ibechi post and feel sharing news.
OGEWU is not desperate, he is a good law abiding citizen, he operate within the ambit of law, beside if he took INEC to Court for refusal to issue him his certificate of return Haven been declared by INEC I see nothing wrong in that because INEC have succeeded in implicate herself.
Why should OGEWU be desperate? He is the winner, he never took okwu or Nick to court rather the duo did. I’ll advise you guys to get some sense small with the overwhelmed evidence before the tribunal Samson okwu can not escape jail terms.
Series of questions okwu Media handler fail to respond to are
What was oju/obi results doing in otukpo?
Is Samson okwu an INEC returning officer?
Is Otukpo the headquarter of oju/obi federal Consistuency?
When okwu contested first& second terms respectively, where was he announced?
When has okwu become an institution to recruit miliary officers?
How did he got access to guns he empower his thugs to carry-out criminal act on Election day as presented evidence by Hon Nick Eworo?
Am aware is long you feed your fans with fake there is need to keep your followers alive that prompt you to come up with this tissue.
OGEWU have his Media handler so why be the first to come up with unconfirmed and unrealistic imaginative news.
Your vituperation on OGEWU will not change the will of God.
God bless igedenation
God bless Nigeria.



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