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We are rather privileged to bring to the cyberspace, the profile of this humble millionaire who has been making life worth living for thousands of Nigeria silently. A-Classic Bio publishes iconic personalities biography often, but this is a rare iconic humane whose few facts will get you flabbergasted. Let’s start and be straight to the point. We will be talking about every of his life’s stage one after another. We were shocked to uncovering these mouthwatering facts about him, too.

Comrade Ikong Cyril Ijebe, a philanthropist with class!


Ikong Cyril Ijebe is a native of Ebenta Uwokwu of Oju local government area, Benue State. He was born into the Noble family of Ezekiel Orohwu of Ebenta Uwokwu on 2nd November, 1989. He’s based in Festac town, Lagos Nigeria.

Ikong started his early education in Ebenta Primary School, Uwokwu Oju L.G.A and proceeded to Dan-af Secondary School, Oju local government area of Benue State. With the quest to boost his educational career as one of his concerns after few years of his O’ level cert, he furthered to Tansian University, Anambra State and graduated in 2017.

Ikong Cyril is an industrious entrepreneur who believes in business and entrepreneur skills development. He started his business career in restaurants and catering under the registered name of “Orohu Best Food”. After discovering how lucrative the business was, he established another company still in food and catering with a registered name of “CY Best Food”.

As a man who believes in possibilities of expanding his business horizon, he went into oil and gas business under the umbrella of Best Corn Oil and Gas and the sector is doing very fine till date.

Indefatigable and humble Ikong Cyril is a philanthropist by nature. Highly amiable and welcomes every developmental idea by anyone. He does that right from childhood while in school and made it a lifestyle when he grew and had established businesses. Under one of his businesses; CY Best Food as a foundation, he has helped thousands of people across Nigeria. Worthy of mentioning are the followings.

Comrade Ikong Cyril is the founder of Best Corn Oil, CY Best Food, Ikong Cyril Foundation, Orohu Best Food Group and others, all running and helping lives.

✓ Sharing of palliative to the vulnerable across the country during the outbreak of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.

✓ Supporting people from one street to the other specifically in Festac town and Amuwo Odofin in Lagos. This is borne out of pity for the miserable life most Nigerians live on the street.

✓Ikong Cyril Football Competition, 2020. This is a project worth millions of Naira and he deliberately put it out to support young footballers whose talents are wasting at the rural areas in Oju local government area of Benue State.

✓ Hosting of Orphanages and widows across Lagos city. This particularly, is done almost every Month as he understands what these people go through everyday and chose to meet their needs in his own little way.

✓Support for Young Entertainers. He’s a lover of entertainment as well and has supported so many artistest’s and comedian’s careers by sponsoring their projects. He also has a record label under CY Best Food Group of companies that’s responsible for that aspect and he makes sure that the young talented individuals are made happy by showcasing their talents to the world.

Ikong Cyril Ijebe is a peace lover and a lover of everyone irrespective of tribe, religion and interest. He believes in transparency and straightforwardness in everything he does and very happy with industrious people around him.

Mind-blowing profile right? Leave some few words of prayers for him. His types are rare in our society of nowadays where everybody is for him/herself. ?



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