By Comr. Onwu Samson
Leaders abound and rulers dominate the world
But servant leaders are few
A leader that feels the impulse and the heartthrob of a nation
A leader that has sacrificed his comfort for the common good of a nation
A leader that finds joy in the joy of downtrodden, peace in the smile of the widows and comfort in the comfort of all
A man of uncommon trajectory
A man with vision, passion and compassion
A model of sensitivity and an icon of hope
A prize Christian with a heart of Christ
The David of our generation.
Today I celebrate my Boss and friend.
A distinguished citizen, a rare breed
The hope of Igede nation.
Help celebrate my Boss, Evangelist (Hon) David Agada Ogewu
House of Reps member, Oju/Obi federal constituency.

Agba Classic
Hon. Evang. David Ogewu being celebrated by his people in an event.

Congratulations and happy birthday to a Distinguished Igede personality. – Mr Eka 
Excellence is not in the office one occupies nor titles one gathers but what one conceives in the mind for his fellow human beings and the bold step of daring to do what others think it’s impossible.
David A. Ogewu is one man who has such a heart to dare the impossible and makes it possible. He has redefined politicking in Igede land as both politicians and other blessed individuals have started looking down to their villages as to what they can offer their people. This is a turning point for the development of Igede.
Ogewu is a year older today.
In this new age, may God bless you even more and make you greater, grant you understanding, quickens you and makes Igede great.
Live long and prosper on all sides as I wish you the best.

The Liberator and his beautiful wife during the swearing in of the House of Reps winners in National Pavilion in Abuja

Weeeee! Weeeyiii !!Weeweyii !!!

– Onyike Grace
The liberator, an Icon of hope, The unstoppable beaming light that keeps Igegeland aglow, set to rest the noise of godfatherism ,makes them to prostrate at his feet for his magnificent and irresistible motives that drives even his supposed agemates crazy …….
Unto us a child is born
Unto us a king is given
And his name is significant(DAVID)
Sawnamed….OGEWU ,the warrior…
Sir, David that kills golloiat never fails a single battle. Win as u continue to age on. HBD #Olengoyongiri.

The Liberator and General Yakubu Gowon during the commissioning of Ugbogo Bridge

Celebrating The Boss’s Birthday

By Prince Uko Matthew
Happy birthday to this Icon of development..
#Eveng David A. Ogewu…
On this special day of yours I join the host of heaven and the entire human race to celebrate you today…..
Keep been that blessing you are to your generation…
Live long and keep prospering..
More grease to your elbow sir…..

Evang Ogewu doing what he knows best, preaching the gospel.

The man David David A. Ogewu in my eyes on his birthday.

By John Ogi Otor
Since he declared his intentions to run for the Oju/Obi Constituency, Federal House of Reps, the story has never been the same again. Ogewu clearly has rewritten the historical evil of demmy god and godfatherism that has continue unchecked in IgedeLand and it gradually became an ugly culture erroneously celebrated and gradually manifesting into a lifestyle unchecked but with his entrance into the mainstream of Igede politics the story changed.
The unthinkable unfolded before our very eyes, it was a young man from who has come from the far home of Ohoho Owo and has pulled off a miracle. One man squad, those who waited for him to consult them were disappointed, match money for money Ogewu is there, match connection for connections Ogewu is there, match cars and security for security, his 60th anniversary SUV is a stand out of the fleets he used during campaign sha, DSS against locally recruited police who intimidate villagers at cheap arrival at burials in Igede.
I have never been an APGA person and I don’t think I will in anytime soon but I am a man of goodwill and I cut my cap for the man the cap fits. You won our hearts, it dosent matter what they say about your educational qualifications or your long stay from home without keeping touch with home. Not because your are the best but with the options we have narrowed to, you remain the best choice till tomorrow.
Happy Birthday to the man of the moment, the man on whose shoulders I stand to sight the greater Igede that i crave for, a man who is resilient and a goal getter. Generations born and yet unborn will never forget you. Soar, man of God, nations will bless you, doors will open unto you.
John Ogi
Benue State University

Hon David Ogewu having a discussion with renowned legal luminary in Igede, Barr. Joshua Alobo

People’s Court: Celebration

By Barr. Joshua Alobo
Friends, kindly felicitate with the iconic personality that changed Igede politics for good as he marks his eventful birthday. Hon Evang David A. Ogewu. He is a man of history and impact.

Smile on..! The true philantropist of our time.

Happy birthday, the Mensch who changed the face of Igede Politics.

More coming…!


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