By: Ogor Mathias Ogor

I wish i can close my eyes and ears on grassroot political development general trends in igede land, but it is very difficult to do so due to my passion for my father’s land to develop like other places of the world. My often pains & tears is how a minority ethnic group which supposed to unite against external forces of marginalization at state and federal level are ignorantly fighting and dividing themselves for personal interest.
Right from time immemorial from political history of igede land, there was never a time like this where we witnessed such broad daylight division and selfish interest-fighting spirit which beclouded the land today. Politics a tool for development elsewhere is nothing to write home about in igede land except unnecessary hatred, division, abysmal performance and failure by modern crop of politicians in the land. How long will this hostility continue among the homo-ethnic group who never realized once that they were one? Gone is the pleasant era where oju and obi speak and act in monologue but selfish interest stripped the golden record to plunder. Politics and politicians have failed, now Where do we go? Who can fix igede phenomenon? I weep!
Months into house of representative election and yet we have no figure representative. Is the implications for this not worse than Fulani herdsmen massacre? It is not worse than genocide against humanity? We have lost millions of naira within this fighting period which can be used for constituency project and development. Whom shall we blame? Will Court end this case or igede will continue to be lagging behind in growth and development? will federal government pay our wasted months in the Court? Though we are minority but with unity, understanding and love we can achieve great things beyond imagination. This division and fighting have huge effects on the wellbeing and welfare of the innocent masses who suffered under the rain and sun to ensured their votes count.
Instead of fighting ourselves, I think it will be of more important to lobby for Zone C senator and minister at Federal level. Politics is a science of peace, growth and development not unnecessary hatred for personal gain. Nowadays, politics in igede land is a laughing stock and a thing of mockery. If our forefathers doesn’t love themselves we couldn’t have gone far to where we are today. We must stop this act of division and hatred because igede is one not two.


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