Ogor Mathias Ogor

My attention recently was shifted to the low and poor development of human and economy in igede land. A situation which has claimed many lives and imprisoned many people’s dreams and future including the youths who are the leaders of tommorow. The level of development in igede land is nothing to write home about as 85% of the people still living below standard and poverty line.
Igede would have been better than what it is today if everyone of us know that development is a collective project not an individual business. Many people who want to bring change to igede land are all scared and afraid of witches and wizards who killing great people is their pride. Such belief and fear made many people go out carrying out investment outside than our land. 75% of people in igede land have no access to education, health facilities, portable water supply and many other social amenities. Most major roads linking igede with other towns are not better than death-traps with potholes.
My plight is the inability of many people to afford the western education in the society. No society can develop economically or rise above its level of education. There is no need fighting ourselves over who become house of representative but it’s a crucial time to assess our level of development in igede land and what is a reason behind our poverty.
Idoma has Youths vanguard, can we have such igede land? Idoma has film industry can we have such in igede? Idoma politicians has helped and recruited many youths into air force, Nigerian police, civil defence, Road safety, immigration service, fire service and many more but igede politicians great achievement is sharing the youths 50naira during electioneering campaign. Any igede man who made it to the top will never help the youth until he retired.
We have retired police commissioners in igede land who never help any single youth into police. Other tribes may likely help our youths during admission and other job opportunities than our top people. We can develop market in igede land to be operating daily not once as it is. We can recruit our youths into road transport union, vigilante group for community peace stability, youths empowerment and skills acquisitions is not exempted as strategies for building igede land.
Igede development is a collective agenda to be embraced by everybody including top politicians, business men and women, technocrats and other stakeholders.

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  1. Those people, whose photo are on the front line are the politician who stop development from coming to Igede land.Sam Okwu is not representing Igede nation in the house. You people should ask him the money he always collect for constituency project. That man is nothing to write home about


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