★Confirms Sept 1st, official Igede Day

By James Ibechi

The royal father of Igede nation, Adirahu’Igede, Chief Oga Ero (CP rtd) has confirmed September 1, being the first Ihigile Market Day, as the official date for the 2019 Igede Agba cultural festival.
He ordered that all social functions such as marriages and performance of funeral and burial rites should be suspended on the day to avoid clashes with the official festivities.
Omi Ny’Igede the apex Igede socio-cultural organization in conjunction with the Igede Intermidiate Area Traditional Council has, therefore, fixed September 7 for the grand finale of all the activities scheduled to mark the annual cultural event.
The venue of the grand finale is Oju LG Pavillion, while the time is 10 am.
While Prof. Ode Ojowu will be the chairman of the occasion, Prof. Adagba Okpaga will be delivering the lead paper on Sept 6, 4pm, at Julia Resort, Oju, same night of which the Miss Agba Beauty Queen contest will hold.
There is also going to be the annual Marathon event in the morning of the grand finale.
The marathon takes off at COE, Oju gate and terminates at Andibilla Hill.
NTA International will beam the annual cultural event live even as live stream on social media – twitter, youtube, facebook, etc, has been guaranteed by jamesibechi.com media.
The royal father wishes all sons and daughters of Agba a resounding celebration.
John Okpong
PRO, Omi Ny’Igede/
Chairman, Publicity Committee
James Ibechi
Secretary, Publicity/Media


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