Onyang ari upwu utu le (a woman is a symbol of peace in Igede tradition.

By: Ogor Mathias Ogor

The African culture and tradition right from time immemorial see women as lesser vessels who cannot express equal rights with their counterparts. Despite the global campaign against gender inequality among  men and women, the belief still remain an indigenous phenomenum in some  societies where women are denied of legal right to do certain things which are ignorantly  reserve for men or “seen as thing for men” The psychology of this negative Perception behind the trend in gender issue nutures domestic violent against women, humiliation, maltreatment and all sort of abuse where women are limited to few freedom.

The most form of modern gender disparity is a political and educational denial of women to exercise their equal rights. In our country Nigeria today, the transition of wrong culture of seeing politics as a game for the men only paralyzed the women’s political ambition and aspiration, but the fact remain unchanged that women can change the world if they are giving high class position like president of federal republic of Nigeria, governor or other high profile international task. Mama Taraba and former governor of Central bank  Mrs Nkwuoze Okojo Iwela justified the pedigree of the saying “what men can do, women can do better” there are many Nigerian women who are willing to transform Nigeria into London if giving the opportunity like men. Nigerian politicians precisely men who never want to develop the country see London as their heaven on earth while women are eager to change Nigeria into London in all areas of human development.

From the educational point of view, African societies myopically believe that “woman education end in the kitchen” this psychological syndrome and deficiency of reasoning have denied many women access to  education in some communities where forceful and early child marriage become top priority as they ended up being “limited liability” instead of “valuable asset” in a marriage. Going by the empirical developmental role of women in the society and the family, it worth opining that women need more education like men if not more than. To educate woman is to educate a nation as mothers in every family play a key role in child moral upbringing than the fathers.

Women despite misconduct by some of them need to be treated like a priceless jewelry and gold. Giving them chances  to exercise their constitutional rights which will foster rapid development and peaciful coexistence in the country.  Suppressing women and limiting them to few human rights at digital stage is a domestic slavery against them. Women have vital roles to play in stabilizing peace in our country Nigeria, its economic growth and development with their managerial skills in home economics. This appraisal facilitate the inclusion of women into national decision makers of this country to effect quick transformation and positive change where unemployment can be reduced, crime rate can be minimized, insecurity can be curbed among contemporary social decadence.  Any dehuman action against women including beating as domestic violence in marriage is basically & totally discourage to the core. Gender disparity is a loophole on the pedestal of society development in which raping, kidnapping, thuggery, hired killer, and 419 disdained.  I solicit for public campaign against negligence of girl child education. It’s not a crime for women to have equal rights like their men counterparts where necessary

The two distinct areas that market a woman most during marriage is her attitude/character and the level of her education. Parents, expectant mothers and fathers, i plead your indulgence never to discriminate against a female child in the family. Give her all she need to get to the top to represent the society and the immediate family she is coming from. Every woman is a home builder and future engineer who build the society and the future of her children.




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