*Development Collaboration*

By Comr. Ogi John Otor

The importance of maintenance cannot be overemphasised. The attitude of neglecting projects and the culture of maintenance after spending huge sum of money to implement community projects is an obvious issues in Nigeria. Investigation into many states and communities across Nigeria revealed that there’s no maintenance agreement to the contractors after execution of projects to enable the steady working of the system, as such we are collaborating as a team to engage on the above stated heading.

The saying goes “water is life”. Water is essential to life and the obvious relevance of water in communities across Nigeria is crucial. The communities that benefit from government projects often lack the financial capacity to manage the projects after execution by contractors thereby resulting to a total breakdown of the systems across rural communities.

The management of Omattech Green Energy Solutions Ltd in conjunction with John Ogi officially reached and agreement to carry out maintenance on all faulty solar powered borehole across Oju and Obi local governments in Igede as part of our social development to the people of Igede. We by this notice call on every community that have installed solar powered borehole that is not working properly to kindly forward the name of the community and village head to John Ogi. The free maintenance covers replacement of burnt cables, faulty circuit breakers and MC4 plug. Any other fault that goes beyond the stated components such as the damages of submersible pump will not be fix by us, we will therefore notify the community for replacement.

We also wish to notify the general public (Igede Youth) on vocational/lockdown training of solar power installation which will include:
?Design and installation of solar inverter
? Energy Audit analyses and system recommendations
? Solar power street light
? solar power pumping system
?CCTV camera
?Into. to Homer software for solar power configuration

(Independent Article on Agba Classic Media)


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