By Ogor Mathias Ogor

Before the introduction of western education into African societies, farming is generally known to be our forefathers predominant occupation as a means for living and survival. The pre-western education era is an indigenous period where the greatest priority was how large one owned a farm land in the society but it doesn’t count today due to socialization and modern civilization. There are some societies that embraced the western education when it was newly inaugurated in Nigeria while some ethnic groups see it as a taboo to practice.

The embracement of this western education as century pass-by become an ultimate desire of every man and woman in the geographical area has brought tremendous change and development to the society. The merits of western education in fulfilling destiny and human development are numerous to highlight. The colonial masters knew that the level of Africans’s understanding due to the lack of early education was low and that gave them stress-free to captured, exploited and enslaved them. Slave trade during this pre-western education era was a broad daylight infringement on human right of freedom to life, expression and movement. But the light at the tunnel has changed the ugly trend in the past and freedom was restored back to man.
On the other hand, fulfilling destiny and becoming great in life remain a mirage without handwork. Education and handwork in most cases are the predicted determinant to better future of an individual across the globe. Shying away from handwork while you doesn’t embraced western education is an express lain to poverty. To survive this digital era of civilization, education and handwork remain doorstep to dream actualization. It is more valuable to have something doing than living in idleness as a youth. The ideality of using gun or engaging in sex trade {prostitution} can’t lead you to better future than “HAD I KNOW” at the end of the game.
Combing education with handwork as a youth place you above your equals in the labour market and make you king over poverty. No man succeed without plan for the future. Think twice, plan better and move forward. You can own business instead of serving others where your job is not secure but prone to dismissal at minor mistake. Nothing pays than self establishment. Your thoughts, mentality, actions and inactions are the pre-determinants of your future.



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