What other song can best suit this season of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ? “Obe Chwo” of course is the smash most suitable song. It’s coming from the stable of ‘Akpanga‘ himself, the star with the hit gospel love song “Ohaha Ny’Jesus”. Tsilky over the years has created a spotlight on himself through his dynamic inspirational and gospel love tunes he has been dishing out consistently.

“Obe Chwo” is a mid-tempo Afro tune that catches your attention with the sax intro. KennyStain’s catchy voice blended the Yoruba lyrics and Tsilky, as usual comes in with his calm and beautiful voice. Obviously, this is not a song to sugar-coat. It’s an appreciation to the creator of the universe. In the new world whose face has been torn by the deadly virus ravaging brutally, if you are alive, you’ve got to thank Him. The song is aptly on point.
Download it below and enjoy your Easter season.



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