By: Ogor Mathias Ogor

I humbly observed that lives of many youths are wasting away in every society and i asked myself why? Why are the youths destined to be great ending up in the street been mad? Why are the youths who supposed to live in greatness are now ending up begging for daily bread? Why are youths destined to be kings and queens are now ending up in the street doing housemaids? This is a wickedness against the potential youths by devil who doesn’t like good things. The harvest of many youths have been tempered with and this is not beyond repair. Devil has set trap for the youths and causing them to be useless and wayward.
What is this trap of destruction? In an African Culture, we have the soothsayers who foreseen the future, the diviners and the magicians. In the world of microbiology, microscope is use for magnificent effect. Also in the spiritual realm there is revelation of future to those who dwells in the spirit. From the above illustration, devil or the Lucifer has monitoring & visual power which enables him to see the future of a man before its manifestation. When he looks and see great future ahead of God’s children, his heart start burning like fire and he will start looking for strategies (trap)to set on the way to abort that destiny and future. Devil is restless planning evil strategies of setting trap that will cause sorrow, pains and destruction in the lives of the youths.
There are many traps devil is using but few will be mentioned in this episode.
Firstly, trap of womanizing: many destinies and careers have been destroyed by this trap which devil set with the intention of jailing the lives of the youths with dreams and bright future. Many are victims of this trap either by contacting disease from woman, impregnated a lady that led to school dropped out, lost of determination & ambition in life.
Secondly, trap of drug addict: this is the most common trap which has caught 65% of our youths. Lives of many people have been invoked with the spirit of drunkness to an extent of losing memory of becoming great in future. Youths are ignorantly smoking helm and abuse drugs to the destruction point of becoming mad in the is not ordinary seeing some of the youths picking waste from gotta and wearing rag begging from street to street.
Thirdly, trap of mental laziness: many of our youths are suffering from this trap due to lack of innovative ideas and skills. Every average guy or lady must think twice in planning for his future and how to achieve his dream. This trap neutralized their vision and rendered them living aimlessly and purposelessly. Living with aim and purpose is a product of healthy balance brain.
Fourthly, trap of impossibly: a doubting mind is a failed life. Devil making people to underrate themselves, making them to feel they can’t make it in life again. Making the youths to lost the mindset that they can achieve anything they want to. Children of Israel suffered and were caught by this trap when they came across the red sea where all hope has gone, but the God of impossibility divided the sea and they walked on the dry land. Never allow this demonic trap to cut your dream short. There’s no limitation to what your mind believe you can achieve.
Fifthly, trap of premature death: devil is a killer and destroyed who has sent many youths to early grave without fulfilling their destinies. Youths who supposed to live long and change the world, the society and their land are sent to early grave at tender age. How can we overcome this trap? Prayer: we must be prayerful, because a prayerless life is a waste life. Devil is not afraid for the fact that you are a Christian but he is afraid when you go down on your knees in prayer. Prophesy to your life every morning and night never to be caught by trap of premature death.
Finally, trap of poverty: poverty is a curse and chronic disease which can deny you of your great future. Always pray against poverty because it’s not a God’s plan for his loved children he died for to dwell in poverty. There are shrines and evil Powers fighting your success which you don’t have to keep quiet any longer. No one has ever made it in your family and you think it’s normal? Never, there are traps set on your way that need to be entangled or destroyed for your family liberation.
I want you to look into your life and family and ask yourself certain questions? Why are we not progressing? Why are we not succeeding? Why has no body build house in my family? Lord, why is the cause of this barrenness in my family? Who is laughing with my family but killing us secretly? Why can’t my family can’t raise a graduate? Who is behind the misfortunes in my family? Many things to ask because you know your family than any outsider does. Today i destroy every trap set on your way in Jesus mighty Name.


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