His Excellency, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has earlier today briefed Lagosians on the new directives to avoid the wider spread of the global pandemic; covid-19. With the number of the case of covid-19 at 1,500+ with Lagos having the highest share, these preventive measures are highly necessary and should be strictly adhered to. The people’s Governor promises to launch a whistle blower technic, soon which will be used to handle violators of the new rule. Below are the new rules to take effect from the 4th of May, 2020.

✓ All places of worship remains closed until further notice.

✓ Eateries and restaurants to open between 9am-3pm and are to do only takeout. No eat in. Also 9am-3pm only! Take note! Must wear gloves and masks.

✓ Public transport. All commuters to wear masks and gloves. Handwashing equipment and thermometers must be provided. Buses to load 60% capacity. No standing. All airconditioners off! All commercial bikes suspended! Tricycles 2 passengers only.

✓ Controlled easing phase for all businesses, . Banks and companies are as follows. All staff will work between 9am and 3pm. Maximum of 60% capacity on ground. Others to work from home.

✓ All schools remain closed! Teach online!

6. Whistle blower Channels to be introduced for any one who flaunts the directives

✓ All beaches, clubs, gyms, salon, cinemas, swimming pool remains closed!

✓ Markets to open on designated days between 9am-3pm

✓ 50% elevator capacity only

✓ Funerals are permitted. Only 20 people permitted and that includes the officiating ministers. No party to follow it.

✓ Curfew remains in place as directed by the President. 6am to 8pm.

✓ Banks to operate from 8am.- 2pm

✓ Review of compliance to be done again in 2 weeks!

All these will be effective from 4th of May, 2020.

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