By: Ogor Mathias Ogor

I Inever regretted the pattern i have chosen by deviating from unprofitable political analysis to proclaiming the gospel on the media. This topic “Choir the Devil’s Target” came like a thunderstorm striking my ears when i was in the church yesterday.

In the medical, heart is the life wire of human being and it has the most essential part called “seno-aterial node” which is electrolytic in nature and the power house of the heart. In the biology of life, cell has mitochondria which is the engine or power house of the cell where Energy (ATP) is generated to enhance life activities. The generation of power supply (electricity) without transformer is impossible and unrealistic imagination.
With this few analogy, choir in the church is the power house which during ministration before the message cause heaven to open and release blessings. When the choir is effective and powerful the man of God is charged and empowered. If one want to capture church then capture the choir. In the spirit realm the choir is the church itself not the man of God. To justify this assertion, in some churches while ministration is going on the holy spirit moves around healing people and set the captive free.
Devil is not ignorance of the secret that choir is the engine house of the church therefore, he is not resting in targeting the choir by tempting them beyond resist. The choir in some churches misbehave today and all of us are busy raining insult on them making such churches look as if God is not with them. Choir is facing lots of challenges and temptations like ministers (God’s servants) and they are likely to fall since they are humans.
Choir brother and sister rubbishing themselves and indulged themselves in all sort of sinfulness. It’s not normal because devil is roaring like lion in this end time to terminate choir and make church members to find no trust any longer in their clergies & choir.
What can we do? We must be praying for our choir to overcome temptations of any kind. Devil know that choir is very important in the heavenly race. Choir is not just singing but is an act of preaching to the people. When a faithful one sing, heaven break protocols to favour, bless and touch lives. “The strength of the church is choir” No choir, church becomes burdensome & boring. May God save His Choir and Church.


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