Robert AKPAN, Senior Investigation Reporter, Lagos.

FACTS have emerged that a Lagos house wife who suffocated her housemaid to death and hanged her to give impression of suicide committed the heinous act over suspicion that her maid was sleeping with her husband. Mrs. Nene Steve and her randy husband had on Wednesday this week, gone to Bariga Police State to report that their maid Joy Adole Aboel committed suicide after being scolded to have stolen a packet of Indomie noodle. But when Police detectives arrived their N018 Ogundola Street, Bariga, Lagos, they discovered that the deceased may not have committed suicide as claimed following the discovery of marks of bruises on her body and the fact that her legs were on the floor even though a rope was hanging precariously to her heck from a ceiling fan. The couple were therefore, detained while the matter was reported to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department SCIID Panti Yaba for further investigation. CrimeWorld scooped that in the meantime, the husband had been granted bail at the Bariga Division but was re-invited to the station after detectives from the Homicide section of SCIID arrived to take over the case file on the ground that he knows more than what he had told the Police at the Divisional level.

But our investigator who nosed around the SCIID Thursday, revealed that the killer housewife had somersaulted from her earlier stance that she only beat her for allegedly stealing Indomie noodle admitting that she had it on a good authority that the deceased was sleeping with her husband; hence the beating. She however, pleaded that she didn’t mean to kill her. She further confessed that her salaries were being paid regularly since she joined her January this year to the agent that brought her.

Source: CrimeWorld


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