*Governor should listen*
Somehow the name of the social crusader, a journalist by practice and accountant by training and one of the diehard followers of Governor Samuel Ortom, from Oju, Andyson Iji Egbodo, has shot into public consideration as one of the newest blood to be drawn into the governor’s second term administration.
Or perhaps one of his legs is already in govt, as we write.
Following this, thousands of Benue youths – regardless of tribe or geographical location – who have reacted by congratulating the young chap ahead of his confirmation as one of the senior aides of the governor – to be – , is indicative: the youth want a departure from recycling selfish and non-performing old hands to the appointment of promising new blood such as Andyson.
For this is the yearning of millions of people in the state.
The people are tired of appointments that border partisan cleavages, nepotism and employments that are mere political settlements. Such retard development of the state.
So, the ovation greeting the purported selection for appointment of the likes of Andyson and Engr. Benson Obega cannot be seen as just about the persons, but about what their taking into government symbolizes – a shift from what has kept Benue State backward.
Though some critics have dismissed the stunts about the appointments as needless media hype and portend some backlash, the Governor should read the breath and pulse of the people from the reactions and act accordingly, for a change for the better.
But if it is all about Andyson as a personality, then the boilerplate is that this is one young chap many egocentric, political mediocre and power-obsessed position-holders in the land love to hate.
Andyson is sound upstairs. Scientific. Unassuming. He brooks no opposition of his ideology or conviction except one has a superior argument to his.
Perhaps there is a fear of him that he has the capacity to dislodge mediocre from positions if he’s allowed to taste the power corridor or if given any position of power. Hehehe!
Many youths droop to him for direction and leadership. He is vocal and a go-getter. He once won the heart of this writer when he revealed his mission for seeking political power. “I want to go and demystify the chairmanship of Oju and free the people and the land from the stranglehold of those lying, thieving politicians,”he said. Andyson is suave and uplooking. He is a strong PDP card carrying member and has Social Media power in his palm.
The governor surely needs his resourcefulness.
Yet I believe Andyson has to rework his relationship with some of his political foes and elders and also reassess his image in the mirror of his foes.
Best of luck, my friend.


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