The need to promote and support young entrepreneurs in our society can not be overemphasized as the aforementioned have so much to contribute to the growth of our society. In the light of the above, “Agba Varieties” is one of the programs on Agba TV that is dedicated to promoting creative and industrious individuals in order to achieve their set goals and objectives.

The guest is discovered, contacted and the host visits his/her location of business and he/she is asked what he does, how he do it and how it can be of a help to the larger society. Details of the business is being given and free tutorial is being given to the viewers who are interested in the said profession.

Viewers stand to gain a lot as the program is educative, exciting and entertaining. The maiden edition of the program will be unveiled, today by 2p on your favorite channel, Agba TV.

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Agba TV, Projecting Igede Culture!!!


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