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The thanksgiving service organised in honour of Adirahu Ny’Igede I, Igede Intermediate Area Traditional Council, HRH, Chief Oga Ero (CP Rtd) and his wife, Queen Esther OgaEro was flourished and successful. The thanksgiving service which was graced by important dignitaries from home and abroad centred on bountiful testimonies to God for His mercies and protection of lives. Today, July 14 2019 at MCN, Uje-Anchim where the thanksgiving was held, the message by the most prominent Shepherd of the service, Bishop Ochete Ode revolved around respect for Chiefs, particularly the Adirahu I. Hammering on that, he said that, there are both earthly and heavenly blessings in giving respect and loyalty to the Chief of the land and other leaders.

Following the foregoing thanksgiving service, the appreciation ceremony began at HRH’s Palace, Oju Local Government without delay in an interval of about one hour.

The Chairman of the ceremony, Hon Ogbole Isegbe, showered acknowledgements on the Iyeche community for have recognised the Igede Nation for appreciation which gone beyond just verbal but with enough entertainements. The Chairman accepted the occasion in warm mood on behalf of the entire Igede Nation while he also prayed for for longevity and sound health of Adirahu and general well being of the Igede Nation.

Evang. Prof. Ode Ojowu, a renowned Professor of Economics and the Former Economic Adviser to the President Olusegu Obasanjo who also addressed the occasion, appreciated the entire Igede Nation for turning out in mass in honour of the invitation by Iyeche community. He identifyied hatred/hostility as one of the major causes of disunity and underdevelopment in Igedeland. He then proffered solution to the same by encouraging the people to see love and tolerance as indispensable tools for restoring unity as well as attracting development.

The Chief celebrant, HRH, Chief Oga Ero expressed satisfaction over the appreciation ceremony organised by Iyeche community (particularly Chief Engr Morgan Okwoche, the Initiator and Founder of Agba Community Radio) and also extended same to all his subjects who have selected and installed him into the stool of the Adirahu Ny’Igede I, Igede intermediate Area Traditional Council where he currently pilots the socio-cultural affairs of the Igede Nation. He enjoined every son and daughter of the Igede Nation to join hands, brains and minds together for the common progress and development of the Igedeland. Adirahu I in addition, advised his subjects to cooperate him as he is much ready to lead them within the purview of his authority and capacity. He concluded by kicking against drug abuse among the youths; while expressing that hard drugs have inherent dangers which may not be new to us. He therefore, advised the youths to refrain from such.

The President of the Omi Ny’Igede, ably presented by Mr John Okpong lauded the Iyeche community who organised the event and the entire Igede Nation, saying that the turn out was impressive. He announced that the Omi Ny’Igede is on her way to organise 2019 Igede Agba celebration for all Agba descendants where they can re-showcase their age-long cultural heritage; expression of love via generosity and sharing together.

Various Igede cultural displays were showcased in honour of Adirahu including Ayita Nyada, Uya Nya Uje, Uhule Nya Obi by Inyanwu, and Ayilo Nya Anyuwogbu.

A reasonable number of illustrious sons and daughters of the Igede gave ornamental flavours to the occasion:

Prof. Ode Ojowwu and his Wife
Chief Engr Morgan Okwoche
HRH, Chief Daniel Ulegede
HRH, Chief Ogah Okponya
All district and ward heads (Oju & Obi)
Evang. David Ogewu
Hon Alicia Eru
Chief RG Ode
Barr Ori Kupchi
Prof. Jacob Otaha
Hon Innocent Okwori
Hon Godwin Owulo
Hon Blessed Emmenuel
Arch. Oje Iyanaya
Dr IBN Ode Iganga
Hon Isegbe Ogbile
Hon Ogo Ida
Dr Jonah Ogbaji
Comr Benson Obega
Prince Ida Austin
HRH Cyril Okwute
Kaduna branch led by the Mr Aleje Aleje
All Community leaders
And many other personalities and groups

The two events were conclusively successful.


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