Hey Classic people, happy staying indoors. Get in here let’s talk relationship.

You discovered that your guy/girl has the same Genotype with his/her friend, hence, they can’t get married. So, can you marry him/her?

Let’s hear your view in the comment box below ?


  1. For me I can’t marry her
    Because any girl any girl that have relationship affair with my brother or my friend I can’t marry her.

  2. Let’s put aside spirituality and scientific jaggons, you will be doing a lot of generations good quitting that relationship, you will also be doing yourselves good, saving yourselves Alot of pains in the marriage, country hard, don’t add another burden to ur life, it’s not worth it, it will be hard but u just have to quit, it will take time, but you will heal, quitting does not mean you are wicked, it makes you human, a human who want to save a future filled with pain and regrets, don’t allow any man of God to deceive you, I believe in miracles, but I will never take the chance, God has given man the knowledge about these things, it’s a clear indications he doesn’t want u to go through the pains.

  3. Don’t try it. Just peaceful discuss it and give up the relationship.
    God will bring even the best partner ?


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