The trending collaboration from these two African pop Kings have got people talking and we deem it necessary in Agba Classic Media your number one News and Entertainment portal to make a fun review of the two hit songs.

Number one on the list is “Brown Skin Girl” where the world best vocalist of all time Beyoncé teamed up with the starboy himself, Wizkid.
The number two is the most talked about “Blow My Mind” by the OBO himself, Davido featuring American RnB king and a record producer, Ch
ris Brown.

Now which song do you think is the biggest among the two, Judging from delivery, hook, message and melody?

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Let’s have your review at the comment box below ???


  1. As a music critic I will first of all give kudos to ObO for an amazing work and career after all the shade when he was not listed among African acts on Lion King; he put through a great effort to live beyond Wizzy shadow. Its not easy to drop a song immediately after anything Wiz not to talk of a Queen Bey duet. But lets just forget the hype Brown skin gurl is the real deal, message, delivery and acceptance from all folks of life make it a bigger score. The way wiz calmly deliver without being amxious on that song still shock many, if you have listen to other songs on the album you would believe Wiz made us proud cos he gat or was accorded tje freedom to do his thing and he even almost champion Bey if not champion her??

    • Donwiz, talking about message, does not mean a love song that someone says a girl blow his mind is not a message worth?? These songs are both international collaborations. To me, ‘Blow My Mind’ is still the best. Beyoncé might be bigger than Chris Brown, it doesn’t mean her song must be bigger too.

  2. Ehhmmm!

    Tough choice!

    Would have been easier if I don’t like the quintet in this 2 songs.
    They delivered very well.

    My pick:


    Wizzy was unusual, he showed how dynamic and versatile he is, he did a perfect “root ragae” which I didn’t expect, I’d expected that he stook to his his “afro-pop” sound!
    But he took me unawares.

    Davido didn’t disappoint but for the fact he only showed his usual vocal prowess that I’m used to; #BrownSkin is my favorite!

    PS: This’ not to say #BlowMyMind didn’t blow my mind!


  3. Very difficult to pick!
    Wizkid really kept his cool on BSG. He did the unusual as he shuns his usual primary lyrics and went hard with that Jamaican flavour… As expected Beyonce came through and it was a blast. I’d personally give 7/10 cuz of how wizzy kinda deemed Beyonce’s vocal prowess.

    Davido on the other hand was superb on BMM. He was cool on the catchy Shizzy made beat and delivered a well composed verse as well… Chris Brown made the competition more tight with the way he delivered on the afrobeat sound, something I’d call a close to perfect collaboration. I’d score it 9/10 because of how these two went toe to toe which is how a collaboration should sound like.

  4. Two of them deliver their best BROWN SKIN GIRL….wizkid deliver beyond expectation and that was mind blowing wizzy is just so creative and can switch to any style of music both international and local
    BLOW MY MIND….. nothing really change in this track is still the Davido we all knw… change of beat no change of vocal ..davido should work on himself when going international


    • We respect your choice.
      But don’t you think Davido is trying to personalize this particular brand of Afro tune? This seems to be his style for a while now. Don’t you think there is more to not being versatile?

  5. blow my mind is the best,
    this what people fail to understand about music, let us be proud of DAVIDO presenting our original music concept in our own local way in fact am short of words OBO
    wizkid is singing his Jamaican style, is he from there???
    Dovido thanks for dishing our style of music to the world
    God bless you bro

  6. Truly, the two pop superstars has taken their musical life to a very quality level buh I’m gonna give it to #BMM*by #OBO.
    He’s always making us proud with his buzzing afro’.hit.


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