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Y’all know that the Agba Master is not a praise singer of any politician or a paid writer as persons with similar topics are tagged on social media. As a patriotic Ol’Igede who holds the growth and development of the former in high esteem, I want to commend the effort of the true son of his father, a goodhearted fellow and a promising philanthropist – Okanga Joseph Okponya.

Youths recieving lectures at the training center.

He’s such a great politician to watch out for in Igede land, judging from his humanitarian display and show of concern for his Oju II Constituency youths. Few politicians from the land have such altruistic vision for the highly demanding and promising youths of Igede nation. The DIGITAL SKILLS ACQUISITION announced by his media aide recently was a huge success as it saw the light of the day, having troops of vibrant Igede youths in attendance.

Photo credit: Ijale Timothy, Media aide

Many thanks to the promising Igede leader, visionary lawmaker Okanga Joseph Okponya. I believe, the rests of the reps are watching.
God bless you immensely, sir.

Photo Speaks

During lecture hours. Up

Many thanks to Okanga Joseph. Remain blessed.


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