By Sam Ogah

It is time for Igede traditional rulers headed by Adirahu NYI’Igede HRM Chief OGA Ero to quickly call our warring politicians to order and save OLIGEDE from total extinction from the 9th National Assembly. Watch out in the three senatorial districts in Benue state, no single case similar to Oju/Obi exists. When we are playing our politics we should know that we are still a minority among the existing ethnic groups in Benue state.
All elected members into national assembly in the last election from the three zones are already in both the lower and the upper chambers performing their functions as representatives of their people, though one or two may have cases in the tribunal but not as bad as ours from igede nation.
If something urgently is not done, the way and manner politicians from igede nation handle the affairs of political activities will grow worse in the years ahead. They are no longer united to pursue the agenda of Igede nation.
I think we have failed as politicians of Igede extraction to come together as entity to form a common front in the pursuance of our common goal.
Among those contesting the Oju/OBI HOR election in the tribunal, who among them is not a son of Igede nation? But the question is :what was the initial political arrangement agreed upon by the people of OJU and OBi? If any existed, why did we abuse the process and found ourselves in this mess? This is insulting to the people of Igede nation. You can imagine the amount of money that is being expended in the tribunal since this battle began. We are not helping ourselves in Igede nation going by the way things are done in the political landscape. Rt Hon. Okwu, Rt. Hon. Nick and Evangelist Ogewu are all sons of Igede nation and both of them were supposed to be guided by the existing political process on ground.Was it that none of them respected the process or both were influenced by their supporters to bring this woes to Igede people without a recourse to the existing process?
Today, we are in a limbo and igede nation is yet to be represented in the 9th National Assembly that has long been inaugurated and about 109 house committees have been set and headed by members across the country without igede representative.
This is time traditional rulers should wade in to save our land from total extinction from National Assembly.

(Pls, all my views are personal)


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